Taiwan Study Program



1. Taiwan Study Program (TSP) is found in order to gain NTU students’ knowledge in natural and cultural phenomena in Taiwan, and it provides students a wide-ranged and systematic studies and trainings.

2. NTU students, including graduate and undergraduate (sophomore or older), are eligible for applying for TSP (International students are not limited). Students wishing to apply should download the application form from the TSP website, fill in the form and submit with a transcript to TSP.

3. Up to 100 students are accepted to TSP each year, and the application procedures are processed each semester (twice a year).

4. There are 11 areas in TSP, including:
(1) Taiwan literature
(2) Languages in Taiwan
(3) Taiwanese art
(4) Taiwanese history
(5) Taiwanese culture
(6) Taiwanese economy, society, law and politics
(7) Gender and ethnic issues in Taiwan
(8) Nature environment in Taiwan
(9) Agriculture and biodiversity in Taiwan
(10) Technology in Taiwan
(11) Medicine and public health in Taiwan

Students are required to take 20 credits in no less than 3 areas; at least 9 credits are to be taken out of students major, double-major and minor departments. TSP courses taken before entering the program can be counted for credit. Courses offered each semester are available on the website of Graduate institute of Taiwan Literature (http://www.gitl.ntu.edu.tw).

5. Students having fulfilled the requirements can be granted a certificate. Students wishing to apply for certificate should download the application form from TSP website, submit with a transcript to the student’s major department for first verification, and then submit to TSP for application. 

6. Students graduating from NTU without fulfilling the requirements can apply for keeping the TSP student status. When re-entering NTU, students can then apply for continuing the TSP. Students not applying for keeping the status are seen as giving up the status, and thus cannot apply for continuation.

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